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Our mission is to ensure every child has access to evidence-based literacy instruction for academic success and lifelong learning.


Many schools still use outdated teaching methods and/or curricula that can further harm already struggling students. Our advocacy toolkit is a platform for concerned citizens to raise awareness and demand change.


Together, we can aim to make a difference in promoting evidence-based literacy instruction for every child to succeed.


  1. Share our message: Spread the word about the importance of evidence-based literacy instruction by sharing our website and social media posts with your friends, family, and community.

  2. Attend rallies and events: Attending rallies and events can help raise awareness about the importance of evidence-based reading instruction and the need for change in your state. Participating in these events can also help connect you with like-minded individuals and organizations that share your concerns.

  3. Contact your elected officials: Write to your local and state representatives to express your concerns about literacy instruction and urge them to take action. Find our template letter here.

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Double-click on any state to view state-specific data, initiatives, evidence based champions and state advocacy groups.  

Welcome to our interactive map, the key to unlocking a wealth of educational resources from all across the country.

Dive in and explore the map to uncover valuable resources customized for your state.

Discover insights into literacy rates, groundbreaking legislation, and the passionate advocacy efforts happening in each state.

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